About Us

Danly (India) Private Limited is promoted by Danly International INC, U.S.A. The company was incorporated in India for establishing a most modern factory for manufacture and export of tooling components.

Danly International INC is an American Owned private corporation and is a leading manufacture of tooling components required for tool and die makers, metal stampers, Automotive manufacturers and house hold appliance manufacturers. This parent company was established in the year 1914 by Danly family and currently operates in 10 Countries with 9 manufacturing plants. Danly has manufacturing facilities in United kingdom, United States of America, France, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. The group also have sale office in Singapore, Netherlands and Poland. The group employers around 600 employees and has total turn over of 60 million EURO around the world.

Since its creation in 1914 Danly has earned a reputation for supplying innovative high quality products. The company is known as “The Innovator of our industry” for the many new products it has pioneered such as Ready Benders, Sinterlube lubrication free bushes and Hydrocam Cam Piercing units.

The broad list of products manufactured by Danly group besides Die sets and moulds includes a comprehensive portfolio of associated products such as Pneumatic Press Feeds, Toggle Presses, Ready Benders, Camdrive mechanical cams, Hydrocam hydrolic cam piercing units, Punches, Conveyors, Danflex Urethanesprings, Design tite nitrogen gas springs, Super spring die springs and an extensive range of guide Pillars, Bushes and Elector pins.

Danly (India) Pvt Ltd was registered as a 100% subsidiary of Danly International INC, U.S.A. The Company has been registered with the Registrar of Companies, Chennai under registration NO. 067630 on 5th May 2008.

Danly (India) Private Limited manufactures  components required for Die sets and Moulds and export to the parent company. The Company will initially manufacture Extensive range of guide Pillars and Bushes.